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Automatic Portfolio Evaluation

Assess and understand commercial opportunities for new technology

Smart investment decisions are what power innovation. To be decisive you need a complete picture of the risks and opportunities in deep tech research, development and investment. Learn what it means to connect science to market data and level up your decision making.


Interpret the universe of data

No human can make sense of overwhelming data. Resultid interprets value and risk signals that impact your technology portfolio to deliver information in a way that executives understand. A consolidated, comprehensive and complete analysis for any technology. We dig a mile wide and a mile deep so you don’t have to.


Drive business outcomes

Prioritize ROI

Stay on top of your portfolio value

IP Valuation

Market Sizing

Tap into an intuitive platform to identify the most valuable IP in your portfolio today. Use these insights to understand the opportunities and revenue potential to lay the groundwork for commercial validation.

INformation Advantage

Dig a mile wide and a mile deep

Semantic Search

Exhaustive Data

No longer settle for the blindspots of narrow and deep, or the lack of clarity in going wide and shallow. Scale your knowledge capture to obtain a comprehensive view of the market with an understanding of every relevant data point.

Predictive Differentiation

Distance yourself from the competition

Competitor Identification

Commercial Opportunity

Stay up to date on the competitive landscape and forecast future market events. Use private and public funding to identify key market movers and use these insights to position long term strategy.

Dynamic Knowledge Capture

Never miss a critical insight again

Topic Watchlists

Market Forecasts

Track the key information needed to mitigate risk and create an information advantage. Custom alerts also ensure you are always up to date on news and topics that are critical to your business.

Our principles

We have built our AI framework to remove valuation bias and improve the business outcomes for scientific due diligence that drive investment decisions.

principle-product principle-product

Our roots are in market research. We have built our AI + NLP framework from the ground up with the exact methodology that we used to drive client success in consulting engagements focused on scientific commercialization.

Our valuation thesis is underpinned by the fundamental rule that great data in equals great data out. We have curated a proprietary pipeline to source information from the most reputable data sources for an exhaustive view on any analysis.

We know the importance of having the information to back up your conclusions. Every estimation and forecast is validated by rigourous data science and is fully transparent so you can support and justify your findings.

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Unlock most powerful analytics tool connecting market and scientific intelligence, today.

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